"Andi is lack of sleep because he got a nightmare yesterday."

Translation:Andi kurang tidur karena dia mimpi buruk kemarin.

October 5, 2018

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"Andi is lack of sleep" doesn't make sense in English. A better translation would be "Andi didn't get much sleep" or "Andi didn't get enough sleep". Otherwise, Andi could have had a lack of sleep, or even be lacking sleep, but he can't BE lack of sleep.


Report it so that it will be fixed. Terima kasih.


I have done, but there was no space to clarify so thought I'd do that here.


Thank you. I know that Rick reads these comments, but the other people who work on the corrections may not.


Halo teman! The English sentence is already reported. The contributors can also compare the reports with the reversed exercise (Indonesian to English, already fixed), then they do not need to read our comments here. Thanks anyways for your contributions in the forum. Those really help all of us to understand better the language and to know more possible translations. Terima kasih banyak! :)

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