"I'm not nervous, I'm only tense!"

Translation:Saya tidak gugup, saya hanya tegang!

October 5, 2018

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Is there any semantic difference between "saya tidak gugup" dan "saya bukan gugup", or can either be used in the same contexts?


Halo teman! The simple difference here is that "gugup" is an adjective, so it cannot fit well with "bukan". Still, there would be some variations that can use "bukan". I think that replacing "gugup" with "orang yang gugup" (not necessarily doing the same with "tegang"), or with "penggugup" (noun, "a person who easily becomes nervous"), this sentence has a different construction, but a close meaning.

Saya bukan orang yang gugup, saya hanya tegang!

Saya bukan penggugup, saya hanya tenang!

I think these sentences translate as "I am not a nervous person, I am only tense!"

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I hope it helps.

Selamat belajar! :)


Terima kasih banyak! I see the difference now, and will look into this further :D


Are "cemas" and "gugup" really different?

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