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  5. "This is my father."

"This is my father."

Translation:ये मेरे पिता हैं।

October 5, 2018



As there is only one father, should this not be यह मेरा पिता हैं?


ये is used to show respect.


Pithaji is to show respect


Why is it "mere" and not mera?


I believe it is for the same reason that it is ये not यह: respect. The ending हैं matches this.


It should be pitta ji due to honorific.


I have some doubts. 1.What is the difference between तू, तुम andआप? Their meanings(you) are the same, so what makes them different? 2.And why are we using आपनी and आपना and why not आप? Are आपनी & आपना and आप the same or different?

Pls clear my doubts. I am in confuse. Anybody please.


So the pluralization is to show respect? To your own father? Is that common in Hindi? In French you'd never do that. Use of the singular plural to denote respect can be weird/rude if the person is supposed to be familiar to you and you're outside a formal setting.

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