Placement test crash - HELP NEEDED

Hi there,

So I reset the Czech progress I try to take my placement test, but every time I do I cannot finish it - after the last question I got "You are correct" and that's all. I'm only able to press X and quit with "All progress in this lesson will be lost" ;(

Could someone from dev team help me, as I don't want to start everything again :/

October 5, 2018


So I reset the Czech progress I try to take my placement test

The app with all the given hints and tapping is pretty useless to be used as a placement test.

I did not learn Spanish, had learned Portuguese for about one year and decided last year to take the Spanish initial placement test:

  • I failed two times on the web portal (=typing)
  • web gave me many listen exercises where you have to type in Spanish
  • on the Android app I could test out many Spanish skills to level 9 (too easy, tapping word banks, given hints) even I had never learned this language

As you told me that you use it on the app be aware that you just fake your placement and too MANY skills will be unlocked.

October 6, 2018

Could someone from dev team help me, as I don't want to start everything again :/

Oh you will have to (on the web or on a different Android app version; maybe try a much older version and downgrade).

After the crown migration in April 2018 I filed a bug report about my migrated tree and their failed "simple conversion rule" as I was missing any L3 skills at the first half of my tree.
Never heard back.

On previous Android versions I had tried the free "10 lesson cache mode" across 1-2 skills but it failed on Bluestacks V2 Android emulator several times and I lost my saved data and multiple lessons several times.
More recent aoo versions behaved differently (multiple months in between) on Bluestacks V3 or KOPlayer.

Never heard back from the developer team or 3rd level support to help me debug and trace the issue why the app crashes its own data, terminates after a few offline lessons and does not want to restart anymore to re-sync the tree.
I did it a few times....VERY annoying to have to do "early alpha" (not even beta!) tests like this!

Don't get your hopes too high.

It might be fixed in future app versions with no history edit so we will never know exactly in what version it is corrected...but it might take several months, a year, etc.

October 6, 2018

The issue is still a case, but just started the whole course all over again :)

October 8, 2018

App or Web?

If web: Are there any red errors in the browser console (F12 hotkey in Firefox)?

October 5, 2018

App :/

October 5, 2018

You should report the bug directly over the app, if available.

At least you would have to include IOS vs Android, the exact version, the OS (version), the exact model name to know about rendering GPUs and drivers, etc.

Or use this and include as MANY complete informations as possible.

October 6, 2018
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