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Is there a way to STOP them from testing out?

A lot of the kids say they need more practice, so I assign a specific skill set, and then they just test out of it rather than do the lessons or do the practice. So while they might know some words, or recognize a cognate, they're really not learning or working on the vocab. Is there any way to stop them from testing out of an ASSIGNED lesson. (not out of anything in general, just the lesson that is assigned to them)

October 5, 2018



There isn't, no. In terms of their learning, you don't want to stop them - it opens up more of the course, and they can always revise. Sadly, though, for the moment there's no way of setting revising a topic as an assignment.


Not long ago people were moaning that they could not test out of skills. It seems Duo can’t win!



I would guess that homeschooling or teacher classrooms have a different requirement than a normal user (language learner) on the www.duolingo.com website :-)


I only want them to not test out on an assignment. I am happy for them to test out of anything else at all.


I see this kind of idea pop up every once in a while in educational contexts and it usually makes me concerned about what the teacher is REALLY concerned about. Usually, it seems that the teacher is saying this because they feel that the test-out option is TOO EASY or otherwise lacks sufficient rigor or reliability. If so, then the real issue is that the test is broken, or possibly that it is not broken but that it LOOKS broken. A solution naturally leads from there. If the test is really broken and can be passed by students who barely studied, make the test harder until a much higher percentage of casual risk-takers can pass it. It's the same argument as one might make with a bridge. If a bridge is seen as too flimsy for travel, the answer is not that there shouldn't be a bridge, but that the bridge should be FIXED or REBUILT.


My intention by assigning a lesson is that they go over it, and practice it. So while usually they can test out of most of any of the basic skills regardless, it doesn't help them practice it. And I test out of skills just because it's easy -and I notice it doesn't include all the vocab from the section, and it doesn't give the same grammatical practice. So while yes, at face value testing out says you know what's going on, it doesn't help you practice. In my opinion. Because then if they get 1 wrong, it doesn't revisit it and give them the option to do it again. I don't often assign practices but it is helpful to me to know that they're repeating the vocab and getting it settled in their heads when I do. But thank you.


Repetition increases language acquisition. Students don't get nearly as many repetitions when they test out.

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