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  5. "František jde z koupelny."

"František jde z koupelny."

Translation:František is coming out of the bathroom.

October 5, 2018



Could another translation be "František is coming from the bathroom" that is you see him returning from the bathroom but did not actually see him come out?


"František is coming from the bathroom" should be accepted as well. Thank you (heart emoji)


How do you say gong to the bathroom?


"František jde do koupelny."


Pls proc neni akceptovano: František Is going from the bathroom?


"Coming out of" sounds more natural, at least in the context that I (naive AmE) imagned -- someone is standing outside the bathroom and commenting that František is now leaving it. "Going" could be used in the context that VladuFu suggests, but "going out of" sounds much better than "going from" to me.

EDIT - "Going from," however, would be very natural in a sentence like "František is going from the bathroom to the kitchen," but that's not the context we have here.


Perhaps it could be if the speaker is saying that from the bathroom. But I would rather ask the English native speakers.

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Why is it used the genitive singular "koupelny"? Thank you


The preposition z / ze (from, of) takes the genitive case. You can read more about prepositions at the link below, under Prepositions and Their Case Combinations Survey, toward the bottom of the page. https://mluvtecesky.net/en/grammar/prepositions

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