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Just started the Hawaiian course!

Here's my assessment of it so far. It currently only has 9 skills, and for some reason I can't access the 2nd lesson on the "Polite Expressions" skill. But all of that is understandable considering they just opened up the Hawaiian course and it's still in beta. I'm sure they'll fix the issue with the "Polite Expressions" skill and add more skills soon. I'm very excited about this course being opened today, since Hawaiian is one of the three languages - the other two Irish and Spanish - that I want to learn.

October 5, 2018



It seems like the release into beta today is a glitch, so I wouldn't be surprised if we lose access to it before the end of the day.


Well, like you said, there are only 9 skills, and not all of them are accessible. If this isn't a glitch, that means this is the real tree, and a tree this short is a joke. I'd much prefer a later release date and get a robust course with a wide range of skills instead of a 9-skill tree today.


Now that I think about it, they said we would be notified when the course was released, and I didn't see any sort of notification. So it's very possible you're right.


thx for telling me, it glitched and i didn't know why!! :,( nvm, ill try again tomorrow and i agree with you when u said, I'd much prefer a later release date and get a robust course with a wide range of skills instead of a 9-skill tree today. here's a lingot!


I'd like to see them add more skills too, and I'm not going to try and complete the tree today like other people seem to be doing. But I still hope they leave open whatever's already out there.

That's all I was saying.


Additional skills are currently being worked on.


i had the same issue where i couldn't get to the second skill in "polite expressions" either... but i saw some guy said he finished the hawaiian tree today so I'm not sure what that's about?


He probably went around it by testing out of that skill. I was able to do the same thing. I'm going to wait until other skills are published to finish the tree.


That is exactly what I did, yes.


the glitch happened, :,(.


just try to test out of it for now, hopefully they'll fix it

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