October 5, 2018

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does it literally mean child woman


I love Duolingo, and the Hawaiin course is amazing just that at times when trying to listen to the pronunciation of the sound it's really hard but I will surely learn


Aloha! The sound of this word is awesome indeed. I really love it! And after being in love with Indonesian, I could not expect something greater than this. Hawaiian is wonderful and beautiful. =)

It seems that some Hawaiian words or phrases are really musical and beautiful to my ears! :)))

Go go go! Kamehameha!!! :o


Your languages, streak, and xp is inspirational!! Dang keep it up! Did you do every language one at a time or did you focus on multiple?


Is anyone else hearing an l in the first syllable?


I do, too. To my Anglophone ear, it sounds like "klay-kamahine". Any native speakers or experts: does that make sense? Does the Hawaiian /k/ have some complex allophones?


It's fairly similar to the English K, but is produced a little differently. There's no L sound there, though. Also, not -ay. It's -ai (similar to eye.)


Yes. It sounds like kLaikamahine


I can finally hear a word that sounds correct! Before it was a wrong pronounciation or missing. I think I will wait to learn Hawaiian until it is more consistent.

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