"I have two hands and two legs."

Translation:मेरे पास दो हाथ और दो पैर हैं।

October 5, 2018

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I can't understand why हाथ and पैर are singular and not in their plural forms.


They are! In Hindi masculine verbs not ending in आ stay the same in plural as they are in singular. हाथ = hand/hands, just based on context.


Oops... my bad ! I should have pointed that... Thank you !


For words like these, the singular or plural is determined by the number before the word.

Like, ek haat = one hand ; do haat = two hands

Hope this helps.


I left out the word पास by accident and my answer was still marked correct. Can any native speakers confirm whether or not it's acceptable to leave it out? Or is this a programming error?


Hi CathyIsAwesome...my wife is Indian, so it's the next best thing you wanted for an answer. Basically, the 'pas' is used to indicate possession of an object outside the person, i.e. i have a book, mere pas ek kitab hai. However, with body parts, it's already a given that you 'have' these, so the 'pas' is redundant, i.e. i have a head, mera ek sir hai. Hope that helps!


It's correct either way.


The answer is supposed to be incorrect. Legs are not feet, last time I checked.


I think पैर can mean both foot/feet and leg/legs.


Indians, like people of many other cultures, don't differentiate between arms and hands or between legs and feet.


No, that's wrong. टांग = leg पैर = foot And we do differentiate between the two, but somehow Duo ended up thinking we don't!


It's interesting that you say that, because my husband and his family generally don't differentiate, and I have friends who are native speakers of other languages (e. g. Russian) who also generally use one word for the whole leg+foot and arm+hand unit. Do you really always say टांग when you mean above the ankle and पैर when you mean below the ankle?


So why isnt this in the oblique case? Is it because it is I and I have


I don't know the answer, this is my best effort:

For it to be obligue a sentence needs a postposition such as "in" or "on".


Are these new voices more accurate? They sound more authentic.


I think leg is not foot. Duo leg को पैर कैसे लिख रहा है ।

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