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  5. Completed the Hawaiian tree!


Completed the Hawaiian tree!

Found a couple of errors in the last lesson:

Sentence: Aia ke kelepona ma ka lumi moe? The ACCEPTED response: "Is the phone IS the bedroom?" ("in" was not available in the word bank)

Sentence: Aia 'oe i ka lumi kuke? I was sure "lumi kuke" was a kitchen, and indeed it was, but "kitchen" was not available in the word bank. I'd guess I should have switched to the keyboard.


October 5, 2018



(I should point out, by the way, that I know it's a bit of a joke to claim that I "finished" the 9-skill tree. It's more like "I finished the sapling!" But I at least temporarily have a golden owl in 'ōlelo Hawai'i, and this makes me hau'oli loa!)


Also: For a number of lessons with entries without audio, I was confronted with listening activities. I would recommend turning off listening activities until sound has been added to the whole course.

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I'm looking forward to more audio being added. Seeing the word and hearing the word brings it all together. Fun learning


lucky duck!! i'm unable to proceed any further into the course ): the lesson won't load for me rip


Just test out of that skill. That's what I did:)


Me too!

Does that make me fluent in Hawaiian? /s

Seriously though this was a short tree.


For those who finished the sapling: are you any wiser on the grammar (not being sarcastic)? I can finish it and make it gold, but I don't see a point if I don't understand bacis grammar - like wordorder, cases...? I can just do skills until I memorise correct order, but that's not the goal for me.

Any good links to help with it? I searched and found nothing useful so far.


I can try to help you where I can – on a sentence-by-sentence basis. Just keep putting in the questions on the sentences you find perplexing and Iʻll do my best to explain – to the degree that I know myself whatʻs happening.


Just realized that you posted this :) thank so much my new best friend! I'll shower you with lingots!


It's of Austronesian origin so the sentence structure can be manipulated slightly. As far as getting it to a T, don't bother. Getting the opportunity to speak olelo hawaii to a local speaker or someone from Ni'ihau is quite rare.

As far as your dilemma goes, your answer cost money and can be answered by purchasing a Na Kai Ewalu book. I prefer to use my Mary Kawena Pukui Proverbs, since its easier to get. Just remember that the sentence structure usually follows an x=y structure.


Trying to test out also prompts audio questions with no audio.

[deactivated user]

    Have you tried reading any Hawaiian literature? Just curious about your reading fluency.

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