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  5. "He lā polalauahi."

"He polalauahi."

Translation:A voggy day.

October 5, 2018



"vog" is, however, definitely a thing on Hawai'i. It shouldn't be "foggy", because that's not what it is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vog


I was sure it's a typo, until I've read this. Every day something new :D


Okay, I just looked it up, and I realize my mistake: I've lived on O'ahu for years, where we have no active volcanoes. "Vog," apparently, "volcanic fog," or a form of smog formed from volcanic vapors. I guess I should have known that after all the troubles on the Big Island this year.


I lived on Maui in the 80s but didn't know the word for this, but know exactly what it is.


I love how Duolingo incorporates aspects of the language's culture into their lessons.


It's important not to miss the opportunity to learn about a language and its speakers' culture at the same time.


Living in Southern California where we have smog it's not too big a jump for me to understand vog. At least the vog isn't man-made.


I was going to post a cynical and sarcastic comment, but now I know that "vog" is a thing!!


This is awesome! I had reported it because I thought it was a typo. Now off to learn about vog before bed...


Once again, it would be nice if Duo offered a translation for a nine English word. Vog isn't a thing unless you are local to Hawai'i itself (see comments from other islanders above). Both of the words polalauahi and vog are foreign to English speakers and require some b translation outside of these unmoderated comment sections.

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