Yá'át'ééh abiní!

I just started this course and it is so so so so interesting! I am a Native American Language enthusiast and this is such a big win for us. I understand that the course is in Beta but I can't thank the contributors enough.

I am Caribbean Indigenous and I love when my Relatives can achieve such great things. I hope everybody's enjoying this course.

All Navajo Speakers please contribute to this course. It is a blessing to us all. :)


October 5, 2018


I hope the release of Navajo and Hawaiian are either a glitch or they are releasing them as they go along, otherwise the courses are disappointing and unnecessary.

Agreed. I'm enjoying the course so far - as I've been looking forward to it since it was announced - but it's still disappointing. I'll feel pretty let down if this wasn't just a glitch, to be honest.

Yeah, a similar glitch happened to Hindi for English speakers, then it went back to Phase 1 pretty quickly.

Give them a break. It's entirely appropriate for them to be willing to release a course for an endangered language when it's still in its early stages. If they had a full 3000-word course, only a vanishingly small number of people would work through the whole thing anyway. It's way better to get a basic course out there so people can try it, versus blocking until a full one is done. If there's a lot of interest, they'll extend the course eventually.

Yeah, it might've been an accident. Also, the way they started was unorthodox. In my experience here on duolingo, courses usually start with the basic vocabulary words: boy, girl, man, woman, apple, water, milk, to drink, to eat, to be.

I would really like to hear it spoken even though I am already familiar with the phonology.

I think it was an accident, because it seems highly unlikely they could expect people to just be able to guess how to pronounce the Navajo words!

I think you're probably right, but you never know; that's been the expectation in Swahili since its release...

I think the pronunciation of Swahili is pretty much phonetic, and that may be the case of Navajo too. Though there are some unfamiliar letters (or variations on letters at least).

Just saw the Navajo course and immediately signed up for it. I would love to have access to notes and sound. Though I assume that the spelling is pretty much phonetic, so I'll go with that unless otherwise instructed. Now Hopi can't be far behind ;-)

I like to try new languages as they are made available so it is good to see more smaller languages make their way onto Duolingo, especially from regions that have very few representatives on here. I think the course will improve as time goes on, hopefully it will.

A minor spelling error, Yá’át’ééh ’abíní :)

Everyone thinks the Navajo course getting released is a glitch. I think it goes beyond that considering how the course had zero updates in its incubator, and, more alarmingly, a preposterously large number of contributors (24 at one point, now even more).

Taiguey taiguaitiáo = good day good friend in taíno

I agree, I love Navajo!

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