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  5. "Are you happy?"

"Are you happy?"

Translation:Hauʻoli ʻoe?

October 5, 2018



So if 'o is required to mark ia as a subject, why isn't it required for 'oe??


I got no answer for "why", but I do have something that may make it easier to remember:

A proper name is (usually) used to refer to a third party being thought of as a single entity. The pronoun "ia" is likewise used to refer to a single third party (neither the speaker nor the listener).

You and I are already talking, so either of us can be the subject of a sentence without needing an introduction (‘o). "Kaleo" and "ia" do require an "‘o" if they're going to be subjects.

It's a mnemonic device. They're meant to be stupid. It makes them easier to remember.


I chose " 'oe " from the word bank and it tells me it's misspelled.


the word bank option for ʻoe was missing an ʻokina and was spelled oe


What does Hau'oli mean? Is it a question word?


Hau'oli is happy


What is the translation for oe


Why does it not pronounce all the words?


This Hawaiian language version of Duolingo is still in beta version I believe, and that's why not all the words are pronounced. It is been in beta version for a while though so... Not sure when we will graduate!


It sounds like the weird name for that children's song

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