"Are you happy?"

Translation:Hauʻoli ʻoe?

October 5, 2018

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I chose " 'oe " from the word bank and it tells me it's misspelled.


So if 'o is required to mark ia as a subject, why isn't it required for 'oe??


I got no answer for "why", but I do have something that may make it easier to remember:

A proper name is (usually) used to refer to a third party being thought of as a single entity. The pronoun "ia" is likewise used to refer to a single third party (neither the speaker nor the listener).

You and I are already talking, so either of us can be the subject of a sentence without needing an introduction (‘o). "Kaleo" and "ia" do require an "‘o" if they're going to be subjects.

It's a mnemonic device. They're meant to be stupid. It makes them easier to remember.


What is the translation for oe


'Oe means you


Why does it not pronounce all the words?


This Hawaiian language version of Duolingo is still in beta version I believe, and that's why not all the words are pronounced. It is been in beta version for a while though so... Not sure when we will graduate!


You can say that it is correct what duolingo saids because 'oe means you and kou means you have.

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