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Gold chinese tree

Finally, after 3 months, all my chinese skills are gold (level 5). What a painful process.. I’ve probably reported hundreds of sentences that should be accepted, but aren’t for various reasons. There are countless examples when a small difference in wording will not be accepted (e.g. 5 hundred vs 500 vs five hundred; or 她们 vs 他们; etc.) I wouldn’t recommend chinese duolingo to anyone, least of all to beginners. At this stage it still needs a lot of work before it becomes enjoyable.

October 5, 2018



I'm working on the tree now, and I already have some knowledge of the language. I've seen they're accepting multiple translations for some questions similar to those you mention, so I guess maybe they did improve the experience compared to what you had? I've reported some sentences myself and I had a response in a couple of days. I suppose it depends on how much time the moderators have at their disposal to check all the requests.


Yep, they’ve been improving it. :) I keep receiving confirmed suggestions every few days on email haha.


Wow! I applaud the many hours of hard work you put in to get your Chinese Tree! You should be very proud! 恭喜!



I'm currently halfway there, but due to these annoying issues, my motivation isn't really that strong...


did you like the character matching pinyin exercise? I personaly don't like it that much and want to switch it off sometimes.

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