"Take care."


October 5, 2018

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Malama pono should also be accepted.


I absolutely agree


I agree with you iainspapa. Both is used.


It was accepted for me now!


"E mālama" should be accepted.


You think Duolingo is having fun playing with us? Either one we chose they still give us an incorrect red banner? Or they want us to not have perfect scores? Idk just having fun. Do make corrections Duolingo , Mahalo!


Ever since they switched to the user contribution system (no doubt so they can produce languages faster; quantity vs quality) I've noticed a lot of inaccuracies, sloppy testing structure, etc. All you can do is flag the question for review for someone to take a look at it--hopefully Duolingo staff, not the original writers.


I won't always be using the diacritical markings of glottal stops (okina) & macrons (kahako) in my written responses, therfore I will probably continue to receive "scoldings" by Duolingo for not including them. Olelo Hawaii is an oral language. My ancestors did not get hung-up on using them when WRITING the language. Diacriticals are a modern-day tool employed to help with pronunciation. Let's not get too reliant on or be a slave to them!


This is a course for beginners, though. It is designed just as much as books like Na Kai Ewalu and Ka Lei Haaheo to teach the language. Thus, it starts in the same way - with diacritical marks to guide in pronunciation. It is not designed with the assumption that people with prior knowledge of the language will use it according to their realm of knowledge of the language. O ia ko‘u wahi manao.


Can anyone tell me if mālama on its own is acceptable? Or should it always be mālama pono OR paired with a pronoun? And if either are okay, which is used more commonly? I feel like there's so many gaps that duolingo doesn't answer.


It is acceptable. I would say it is important to remember though that understand that each carries a different connotations. Mālama -> to care Mālama pono -> take care (as in greetings)


It says, pay attention to accents, but I don't know how to find and use the kahako on my keyboard...and I use an apostrophe for an okina.


Aloha Alika, If you are using a computer keyboard, press the "fn" button in the lower left corner of the keyboard, then press the vowel at the same time until a line of options appears on the computer screen for your vowels, release the "fn" button and the vowel button, see the numbers under each of the vowel variations and press the number under the vowel with the kahako. Mine is number 6.


I answered "malama pono" and was scored as correct.

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