"Shimá naat'áaniinééz góó diníyá?"

Translation:Mom are you going to Shiprock?

October 5, 2018



what's the difference between this and shimá da' naat'áaniinééz góó déyá? why does one sentence use "diníyá" and the other "déyá"?

October 5, 2018


I think déyá is the 3rd pers.: "(she) is going" and diníyá the 2nd: "you're going".

But I might have understood this wrong

October 5, 2018


It seems that déyá is just the regular verb form of "to go". It doesn't seem to be inflected. I still can't find anything on diníyá.

October 5, 2018


This sentence is not a question because there are no question markers such as -ísh, da’, or ya’. If you want a question, it should be "Shimá Naat’áanii Néézgóósh díníyá?" or "Shimá da’ Naat’áanii Néézgóó díníyá?" Or even, "Shimá Naat’áanii Néézgóó díníyá, ya’?"

October 6, 2018
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