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  5. "I am going to Shiprock."

"I am going to Shiprock."

Translation:Naatʼáanii Nééz góó déyá.

October 5, 2018



why is the word order reversed? other examples have been more like naat'áaniinééz góó déyá.


I am a native speaker and "Naat’áanii Néézgóó déyá" is absolutely correct.


Technically this is in SOV format, however the subject (I am) is not explicitly said in this sentence because it's implied that your referring to yourself by saying "góó déyá". You could say, "Shí naat'áatiinèéz góó déyá" but it would be redundant which is why it's left out.


Is it not supposed to be that way? I assumed Navajo was an SOV. Also, this is unrelated, is your name in an Eskimo-Aleut language?


I assumed SOV too, but the word order in this sentence doesn't seem to follow that pattern (unless the translation hints are very inaccurate!). And yes, my name means "student" in Greenlandic. :)


Maybe Word order switches for questions versus in statements. C'est vs. Est-ce.


The spelling you provided is correct, there is just an error. (:


Three issues with this question: 1, Is it góó or goo? 2, in the previous lesson I learned "déyá", but here it's given as "deyá", and 3, is the sentence structure dependent on if the sentence is interrogative, or is it just free word order?


If one doesn't have the right keys this is really difficult.


I agree! Without any explanation of pronunciation, alphabet, verb usage, etc., I am completely lost. I think this was released too early.


Thankfully there are some helpful videos on YouTube, as well as the SpeakNavajo apps 1-4 on the Apple App Store. So there is an available recourse. But the pronunciation this is a big deal since language is learned through sound more than spelling.


Where do I get a Navajo keyboard?


Here is a link for a Navajo keyboard. Please DO NOT use any other keyboards. They are inefficient and waste time.


If you need assistance please inquire me. I have been a user of this keyboard for nearly a decade.

Derek, the native speaker


If you're on Android, Gboard has a Navajo layout


You can get a Navajo keyboard using Input Tools in the chrome browser (:


What does "Shiprock" have to do with anything?? When I was in Cub Scouts as an adult leader, my partner/leader spoke Navajo and was very tall, while I am short, and he called us Naat'aanii Neez and Naat'aanii yahzi(?), Big Chief and Little Chief. Maybe I am getting the two mixed up, or reversed.


Shiprock is a town on the Navajo Nation and has some important services such as a college, a health center, and a Chapter House. The English name of the town is named after a nearby geographic feature. In Navajo, the rock and the town have different names!


According to that article, the name does literally translate to "tall leader."


Is there any difference between Naat'áanii Nééz and Naat'áaniinééz, or is it just a choice of orthography?


I am not seeing the difference between what I typed & what is supposedly correct - naat’áaniineez. Is the apostrophe different?


Naat’áanii Nééz is the name of a place. Hence, why it must be capitalized. Also, -góó is an enclitic referring to direction. It needs to be attached to a wordł it cannot be separate.


Is there a way to hear the translation?


I wish there were audio Thank you.


Does anyone know why the last syllable of "naat'áaniinééz" switched to a low tone in this sentence?


I get "you have a misspelling" for naat'áaniinééz and I know it is because there isn't an option for it being capitalized at the start... :/


Also Goo vs. góó in the supplied words. :/


This course has a big problem with capital letters sometimes appearing in the answer, or not appearing when they should. I can't report it because there isn't really an option for it


Not know how to put those signes i. The sentence.


What are the grammatical differences between these two different ways to say you or I? I am getting confused.


For pronunciation, check commoms.m.wikimedia.org. This gives the pronunciation of 455 Navajo words. After getting frustrated with the lack of pronouncing in Duo, I went to this site and practiced pronouncing until I felt confident enough to come back to Duo.


Is Naat'áaniinééz a compound word?


Is anyone else actually hearing the Navajo? I dont hear it at all but cam hear my other languages fine


Having the audio for each button would be nice or have audio for the sentence.

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