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  5. "Yáʼátʼééh dóó ahéheeʼ."

"Yáʼátʼééh dóó ahéheeʼ."

Translation:Hello and thank you.

October 5, 2018



Will audio be recorded for this course? I really need to know how words are pronounced.


It will eventually, once the course is finished.


I have used the translation "Hi and thanks.", and it was rejected. I have made a report to be added.

Sentence suggested by Duolingo:

Hello and thank you.

Hints suggested for Yáʼátʼééh:

  • hello
  • good
  • hi

Hints suggested for ahéheeʼ:

  • thank you
  • thanks


Hi DiegoJaviUnlam,

I've just seen the reports (yours and from others) and added the variation with Hello/Hi/Hey/Good day.
Thx a lot for your help reporting it!

When your answer is rejected but you're 100% sure it's correct, please only report it with the option during the lesson ("Report a problem" -> "My answer should be accepted"), without mentioning it in the discussion as it doubles the work for contributor: checking reports in the incubator + reading discussions. Hence slowing down contributors in their work to fix issues.


Thanks a lot for the excellent advice, Jrikhal! Now, I am reporting some variations if rejected, only with the reporting tool, as at the same time I try to read more about the Navajo grammar. Thanks to all the contributors and also for the moderators' attention on this course. :)


At the same time...reading these comments and corrections help me to understand better. We are, after all, eventually learning to converse..Yá'át'ééh


?? And "Good morning, thank you. ??


Bug?? Yáʼátʼééh means hi, hello, and good. However, I put in "Hi and thank you" but it tells me that the correct answer is "Hello and thank you." I'm not fluent in Navajo but is "hi and thank you" also a correct translation, just like "hello and thank you"?


Beta is a course testing stage. So, if you find that a sentence is missing an alternative correct answer, please report it to help improve the course. To do so, click the report flag under the sentence inside of the lesson. Thank you! :)


The problem is we can't suggest or point at the error. Like there are numerous errors in the whole course, like yį́yą́ instead of yíyą́


The course is so new. If there is something you can't report, I wouldn't worry about it. Just try to remember how you'll need to answer it, vs what the correct answer is for now. This course has more contributors than any other course. I'm sure they are also going through it and documenting things to update once they are able to do that.

In the past, the community was not allowed into courses until they were out of beta. So many people asked to be let in at such a rough stage of the course, that staff finally agreed. But, it's important to recognize that this is a very rough stage for a course, even though we are now allowed to help test it. If it is causing too much stress or frustration, it is ok to wait until the course has been fixed up a bit more. Courses that have just graduated from beta are still rough, but less so. If you want a significantly smoother course, it often takes about 3 years from release for courses to be finely smoothed out.

I recently found an error in the course myself. It was a question that had a set number of boxes to choose from. I put the boxes in the correct order to form a sentence. I was told one had a typo. Only, it matched exactly the only box they gave me. And, there wasn't an alternative. So, I know that my answer was correct. When I asked a contributor what to do? I was informed that particular error was not an error for the contributors to fix. Rather, it was a bug to do with Incubator interfacing with the course or something like that. The only option was for me to submit a bug report. So, if you see something that is absolutely a bug and not an error that can not be reported via the flag, like in my case, please use the Bug report form.


The "issue" with Navajo if the course is being by native speakers is that most native speakers can't spell the language correctly and leave out many spelling details (like they give díí for "four" when it should be dį́į́ʼ) or sometimes insert inexisting segments (like yį́yą́ instead of yiyą́). It hurts learning a lot because it makes the whole grammar so confusing.


Yá'át'ééh can mean both hello and hi so yá'át'ééh


Is anyone else having trouble with the audio? I can't get it to play with any of these sentences. If anyone knows how to fix this, I'd love to hear from you.


@Sam, there is no audio at this time. The present version of the Navajo course is a mini beta version. There is a longer course with audio in the works. Check out the announcement here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29175331

In the future, please remember to only use Sentence Discussion forums in these ways. You're welcome to use the Troubleshooting forum for technical questions. Thank you! :)

Edit, a member of the community has created audio for some of the vocabulary from the course. More about that here.


how do the demarcations (such as the various apostrophes above words) change pronunciation?


I hate the bit making you spell words autocorrect does not recognize. Is there an option to disable?


It's great that you have a native American language on here. I realize this is a beta feature but I'm not getting the oral reading. Is this not available yet or is there something in my settings in need of change?


Will there eventually be native speakers willing to talk with us learners and put up with our mistakes? You can't find Navajo speakers on every corner like you can with Spanish speakers out here.


How do you know if its "Hello" or "Good morning"?


The same like in Czech, Dobre den for Hello and for Good day.


The spelling Is not letting me through, don't know how to write out ya at eeh doo ahehee


The sound doesn't work


there /isnt any sound


"Good morning and thank you" is also acceptable. "Yáʼátʼééh" has multiple meanings.


I hear axéhee' with [x]


Need sound with this...it's part of the enjoyment of the language


I agree and trying to learn without knowing how it sounds makes life triply difficult. Like playing air guitar, not real music.


Yá'át'éèh dóó ahéhee'?


Writing this language is next to impossible at the beginning levels.




You means "lingot"?


Will iron man die? Will i eat eggs? Will someone give me a hug? "Will" what?


Yá'át'ééh abiní shimá!!!


My keyboard does not have the correct mark to put above the letters and is causing it to rejecte my answers??? What do i do?


Is the first h in Ahéhee' pronounced as a lateral lisp?


No, it's a palatalized fricative, like English "huge" or German "ich".


Misspelled by one letter and missed it, not sure if this was intentional


The dóó didnt work for me


Ya'at'eeh abini. I've been spelling, and correctly. Then


I've been spelling "and", like this, (doo), & like this (do'o'). Then it says its incorrect. Why? I don't know how to add the little marks on top of the letters. Also, I've just been using commas to put above the letters. This is the 1st time I'm posting posting for help whom am I supposed to get help from embassy clee I'm basically cell phone literate I'm still stuck in the eighties.

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