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"Kami menggunakan komputer untuk memperbanyak gambar itu."

Translation:We used a computer to reproduce that image.

October 5, 2018



I have used the translation "We use a computer to reproduce that image.", and it was rejected. I have made a report to be added.

Sentence suggested by Duolingo:

We used a computer to reproduce that image.


R E P R O D U C E ?!??!


Doesn't "memperbanyak" mean "to increase (the number of)" and that the translation of "reproduce" should be "reproduksi"?


that could work too, but in this case, "reproduksi" would sound too fancy to fit in with the sentence

whilst "memperbanyak" is a less fancy, more common word, which translates to copy/multiply

and copy/multiply are synonyms of reproduce

that's it i'm guessing?

haha i hope you could understand, i tried my best to explain this, CMIIW


Isn't copy better??

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