"What is your order?"

Translation:Apa pesanan Anda?

October 5, 2018



Should "Urutan Anda apa" work as well? If we think of "order" as in "how are you organised" instead of "what food did you ask us to bring you"?

October 5, 2018


Good question.
This sentence comes from a sequence where the word "pesan" is introduced and taught as "order" (ordering food).
That's the reason "urutan" is not accepted.

"urutan" = "order", "sequence"
It's the order or number in a sequence, your order/number in the sequence/line-up.

If you read the English sentence "What is your order" as "What is your order in the sequence/line-up", then the Indonesian sentence will be something like this :

"Anda urutan berapa?"
"Berapa urutan Anda?"

October 6, 2018
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