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I found a bug while on the last subject

So I was trying to complete the Hawaiian tree. I got to the household part. But the thing is, as I tried to get to the third section, it kicked me out. I tried again and again and it still wouldn't load up. I tried refreshing the page but it still didn't work. Is this a technical error or was the household section incomplete?

October 5, 2018



This is more fuel for the fire of "these were released erroneously."


Me too. I cannot complete the household unit because it will not go to the lesson, but just returns to the main page.


I think the only way to combat that is to take the challenge


Which I just did. So I finished the tree, and got the golden owl.


Good for you, buddy!


It also happened to me, I had to finish the course by testing out some skills.


That is exactly what I've got (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29145644), but I accept the error as the course is quite recent and has only been available for a day.


Being that the sentences in the “test out” option were all from Household lessons 1 and 2, I wonder if the reason it was glitching was because there actually is no lesson 3 (or it has not yet been uploaded).

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