"Gaun ini mudah kotor."

Translation:This dress is easy to get dirty.

October 5, 2018

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It’s worth noting too that Indonesian has a whole bunch of compound expressions with “mudah” used like this. Just a few examples: mudah lupa - easily forgotten; mudah dibawa - portable (easy to carry); mudah didekati - approachable (easily got near to); mudah disukai - likable (easy to like); mudah rusak - breakable (easily broken).


This seems like a fairly unintuitive translation :/ Do you not need a verb between mudah and kotor, like the verb 'to become'?


Hahaha....well, it's very intuitive actually :)

Try to look at it like this :

Gaun ini kotor. = This dress is dirty
Gaun ini mudah kotor. = This dress is easily dirty

Both Indonesian sentences don't have verbs.
However, in the English sentence a verb has to be used.
In this case the verb "to be" is used, you can also use "to become".

Gaun ini mudah kotor. ==>
This dress is easily dirty.
This dress is easy to get dirty.
This dress becomes dirty easily.
This dress easily becomes dirty.

All the above translations are accepted.

If you want to use a verb (to become = menjadi) in the Indonesian sentence, then it could be something like this :

"Gaun ini mudah menjadi kotor."
(more or less a literal translation of the last Englsh sentence).


Is the “mudah” here an adverb? Which means “easily; easy to―?”


Is there any difference between "gampang" and "mudah"?

Is one more formal than the other? Can they both be used in the same way? Are there any slight differences in their meaning?


'mudah' = 'gampang' = they are synonyms, 'gampang' is less formal.


I said this dress dirties easily. and it was wrong I feel is should pass


also accept "This dress gets dirty easily"


I said muda and got it right. ? Didnt think mudah was better until I read the comments


My voice activated text gave "This dresses (sic) easily dirty" and it was accepted with an "Amazing"


What is incorrect with "This dress is easily made dirty"?


... easy getting dirty not accepted!!! Annoying app!


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