"Pehea kāua?"

Translation:How are we?

October 5, 2018

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Pehea 'oe should be used for the expression how are you. I'm native Hawaiian and I've never heard anyone say Pehea kāua when asking someone how they are doing.

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Yeah, I'm in agreement. I speak Hawaiian and have never used this phrase, either. There are several things in these lessons that are tripping me up because I would never use language the way some of the sentences are written.


it gave me the answer how are we


I thought so. Thank you for confirming.


Aloha! if so, I think just the game mistake lol Mahalo nui ~!


Like kawehiluthi, I am a Native Hawaiian and have never heard my family or friends say Pehea kāua. Pehea 'oe is the correct form in this context.


Duolingo you got some real learning to do if youre going to put hawaiian language on this app. I olelo hawaii and thoughg it was cool to see hawaiian on here for other to learn but it is so incorrect.


FWIW, it is in "Beta" which means not finished. But more importantly, I believe the content for the lesser spoken languages is made from user contributions. I believe I saw that the Hawaiian so far has been made from a school in Hawaii. I think it possible for you to become a contributor yourself and help to make it better if you would like to! :)


I had the same thought.


why ʻHow are youʻ also use Pehea kāua? We general say Pehea ʻoe, isnʻt?


Pehea kāua? is not a question anyone would ask.


I was sure it means how is everyone. Does it? I see your replies as 'oe is you. Pehea 'oe should be instead?


kāua is we (you and I). Specifically the speaker and the listener. So pehea 'oe the correct form of how are you. Pehea kakou would be the most accurate form of how is everyone.


Thank you for your reply. So kaua is dual? You said that it includes speaker and listener. Is it possible to use pehea kaua for how are you as in 2 listeners, not including the speaker?

I am familiar with a concept of dual, but Slovenian version...which is well..there is a lot of it :D


Kaua is we and includes the speaker. So when you say Pehea kaua, you're saying how are we referring to both yourself and the listener. Kaua is not used to how are you with two listeners and not the speaker. Kaua will always include the speaker. Even if you're speaking to more than one person using Pehea 'oe is ok.


Thank you so much for this explanation.


No, that would be pehea 'ōlua


“How are we both?” - for kāua.
“How are you?” -> “Pehea ʻoe”


'Ae, as others are saying, I am perplexed as to why "Pehea kaua" is "How are you?". "Pehea 'oe" is when the speaker is asking of one other person, not including himself.


I like to think that this is similar to how we would use it in English. for example people typically service providers like nurses and doctors will sometimes say " And how are we feeling today?" it could also be introducing us into future lessons where we would start asking group questions "how are we going to get there?" I dont know enough Hawaiian to know if thats how the sentence would start but im just throwing it out there.


I see lots of comments and discussion on this one, which I have to say did not make sense to me. Not anything we say in English at least, but we are learning Hawaiian. In English I can think of a scenario where I have an argument with someone and then later want to know if our relationship is ok. Then “how are we (you and I)” makes sense. I have no idea if this applies in Hawaiian or this example. Just guesswork and speculation.


"How are we?" comes across as something Queen Victoria would say when speaking using "we", i.e "We are not amused."


Through out the years I was taught Pehea 'oe means how are you. Because in earlier lessons on this app kāua = we.


Pehea 'oe? is of course the go to question. No one would ask this Pehea kāua? question. So, forget it and do not let it confuse you.


I thought this translated to

How is everyone


kāua = we two, specifically you and I. "Everyone" implies more than 2.

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