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"E ʻōlelo!"


October 6, 2018



whats the E for?? I know from another comment that you put an E before a name though...


Before a verb it makes it a command.


It shows that you are talking in the second person, or TO someone


Yes but as a command. One can speak to a person talking about the past like a story, and the word prior would usually not be E.


I've made a list of all the words taught in this skill and there meanings. I hope it helps someone: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Hawaiian_Skill:Intro

Lesson 1:

  • ʻae = yes, ok/okay
  • ʻaʻole = no/not, no thanks
  • aloha = hello/hey/hi/greetings/farewell
  • mahalo = thanks/thank you, appreciate
  • e = to
  • Kawika = Kawika (name)
  • Keoki = Keoki (name)
  • Kaleo = Kaleo (name)
  • Kaʻiulani = Ka'iulani (name)

Lesson 2

  • lei = lei/garland/wear lei
  • hele = go/goes/gone
  • e hele = go
  • e ʻai = eat
  • ʻōlelo = language
  • e ʻōlelo = speak

Hope that helps :-)


I thought e makes an "ay" sound, but the speaker is pronouncing the e in 'òlelo as an "eh" sound.


That is a common misconception and instruction. The long a sound (ay in day) is more closely representative of the ei diphthong in Hawaiian. The letter e by itself in Hawaiian is a short e (eh sound in bet).

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