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  5. "Aia ʻoe i ka lumi kuke?"

"Aia ʻoe i ka lumi kuke?"

Translation:Are you in the kitchen?

October 6, 2018


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When I had just the word boxes to choose, I could only say "are you in the room?" The word "kitchen" was missing.

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For higher crown levels there is also the reverse question "Are you in the room?" which doesn't accept "lumi" for room but only "lumi kuke". I already reported that.


The word, kitchen was not in the word bank


"ka lumi kuke" is also just "the room"?


lumi is room (itʻs the Hawaiian rendering of the English word). moe is sleep, kuke is cook (again, form English).


No that is an error. It has been reported and it looks like it was fixed.


Aia 'oe i ka lumi kuke? = There are you, in the kitchen? = Are you there in the kitchen?


The audio for this question seems not to have a rising tone as is common for questions in English. It sounded like an affirmative statement. Is that a problem of the recording? Or is it the way Hawaiian is?


Yes/No questions in Hawaiian rise and then fall at the end. In other Polynesian languages like Samoan, all questions have that intonation.

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