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Completed the Hawaiian tree

Aloha! I noticed that Hawaiian was released into beta today and I decided to give the course a try. I ended up completing the course. I enjoyed the course, but I didn’t like how short it was. What is your opinion about the course?

October 6, 2018



well I'm sure that Duolingo will eventually release more skills, because 9 is not enough to learn a language.


I agree, it’s like they gave us a sample of what might come in the future


Yes, I agree. It's in Beta, so there's still more to come!


Seems like it's not supposed to be available in beta yet, so there's still more to come when they are ready for beta/Phase 2!


I completed it too


I noticed they released both Hawaiian and Navajo last night despite the fact that the day before, the courses were at less than 70% completion (and Navajo, I think less than 50%). My guess is they released both courses in honor of Indigenous people's day, and hopefull finish both courses after


How did you get https://www.duolingo.com/skill/hw/Household/3 to not just redirect to https://www.duolingo.com/ ? I tried that in Firefox on a Win7 computer both with and without javascript enabled, and no luck either way.


I tested out of the skill to get past that issue


(Did you try with chrome?)


The course is still in beta, so more lessons will be included soon

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