"I am at the house."

Translation:Aia au i ka hale.

October 6, 2018

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I am really confused at the sentece order. Because sometimes the subject is last and sometimes it's somewhere in the middle. Could someone explain the variation to me?


In a phrase with verb like this one, the order is VSO, in a phrase without verb (like almost all the phrases of to be) the order is OS

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Wau should be accepted and NOT as a typo!


I understand your manaʻo, but I have often seen it written as "au" and said as "wau." We should refer to our ʻike kūpuna and nūpepa. Hopefully this new app will improve with feedback and time


That variation was not taught. This course is for beginners and prior knowledge is not assumed. That said, you can report it and see if they will add it as the course grows.


Try this: https://youtu.be/-OREnt01uO4?t=1309 Find 21:49, Ekela might not approve of writing wau.


Both "i" and "ma" can be used I believe. Was this question asked twice to show the two possible answers?

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    Difference between "i" and "ma"?


    Can "i" be replaced with "ma" and still mean "at"?

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