October 6, 2018

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    For the sake of sparing your fingers in case you're here to ask what the difference is between Ka, Ke and :

    Ka, Ke and are determiners [definite articles] that all mean "The".

    Use ke when the noun that follows begins with the letters K, E, A, or O.

    Use ka with almost all others!

    Warning: There will be exceptions (don't worry, we'll let you know which ones they are!).

    is only used to say "The" when the noun is plural.

    Certain words like "Wahine" [Woman] are pronounced with a longer "ā" when plural and hence spelled with a kahakō (macron), "wāhine".

    Kēlā and Kēnā both mean "That". The difference is kēlā refers to "That" which is away from the listener and kēnā refers to "That" which is near the listener.

    Cultural note of interest: Hawaiians are keenly aware of space and time.

    Note: Everything in square brackets are my notes.

    Quoted from the Tips and Notes for this lesson. AP4418


    It is worth to note that the letters K, E, A, O, which require the "ke" determiner, form the phrase "ke ao" which means "the cloud".

    So it is useful and perhaps easier to memorize "the cloud" as "ke ao", and remember that "ke" follows these letters!!


    This is a great way to remember it! Mahalo!


    One of the exceptions shown in the course is Ke pākaukau.


    Mahalo e Dessert-Rose! super helpful! :)


    Is 'ne' also used to say 'the', because someone said it was accepted..?


    Obviously it accepted it as a mistyped 'na' which is "plular the"


    Thank you for placing the notes here and giving the additional information as to the spelling!


    The notes say all three mean "the".


    Agreed. All three should be acceptable.


    Either that, or "the" should not exist as a separate entry, but only in connection to another word, so that the distinction between them is kept clear. The German course doesnʻt have distinct entries for der, die, das, den, dem, etc. Nor does the Portuguese course have o/a as distinct entries.


    Ka - the Ke - the (before a word that starts with K,E,A or O) Still some exceptions Nā - plural


    what did you answer with?


    The 3 options are ka, ke, nā. I tapped ke. A 'o' oe?


    This answer is ka but it is also ke. and also nā which is not an option here.


    The more of this discussion I see, the more I am convinced that "the" as a separate entry should be removed from the course.


    agree. there's context that needs to be added. ka hale? ke pākaukau? ke mele? nā hale? all are "the", just depends on the context.


    Actually I think it is *very useful as a separate entry - and all three should be returned as correct, with short discussion that the other two are also correct. (I only found this discussion window by mistake - it is hugely useful!)


    I agree with those above, that this entry doesn't make sense, since more than 1 words can be translated as "the"


    I agree that all three of the words ( ka ke na) that mean the should be acceptable BUT this app always says how most people use it, which means it should be good. What I'm saying is that if so many people want to use Dualingo, they want to make sure you get the best learning experiance, teaching you when to use the right articles to improve your knowledge. And who wants to go to Hawaii and talk to the people using incorrect words? That's what this app is trying to prevent.


    Now I'm thinking of the Spongebob episode "Procrastination" when he just had 'The' written on the paper.


    I'm Kanaka maoli and believe we all have more important things to give to every human being - so I'm jus' goin' wit' da' Aunty Rose on dis' one brah!


    Mahalo Dessert-rose!


    ka, ke why not accepted?


    I find Hawaiian easy


    I answered: ka / ke - this is correct. Please give me my points lol.

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