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  5. "Hágoóneeʼ shíyeʼ"

"Hágoóneeʼ shíyeʼ"

Translation:See you later my son

October 6, 2018



And those were the last words he ever said to me before he went to get milk


Confused as to why the "my" in "my son" is required when have the time it tells me i can translate "maternal aunt" to just "aunt"


See you later is the choice offered for goodbye hagoonee yet the Owl says its wrong?


I typed that the first time too and it said I was wrong. Even my husband looked at me and said, "I thought you all dont say goodbye."


Used 'goodbye' as an option in another instance, now it says I am wrong. Color me perplexed.


Goodbye works, it is the "son" part that does not. This sentence requires you to write "goodbye my son." I think it is just a contributor error.


Does "son" and "my son," mean different things in navajo? Because this will not accept "son," it will only accept "my son."


It seems clear that "my son" is the most technically correct, but surely using "son" as a second person term of address in English, as in "Goodbye son" or "See you later, son" implies you're either talking to your actual son, or are expressing your feeling that you think of him that way. DL SHOULD ACCEPT these alternatives, unless I'm missing something...

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