"I do not like lemon."

Translation:मुझे नींबू नहीं पसंद है।

October 6, 2018

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Is there a difference between मुझे नींबू पसंद नहीं है and मुझे नींबू नहीं पसंद है? Or just मुझे नींबू नहीं पसंद?


All three are equivalent.


What is the diffrence between mujhe and main?


Grammatical case, see the lesson notes. (Not available in mobile app, lightbulb icon in the browser when you select a lesson.)


Mujhe and main, both of them are used for "I or me" but where we need to use what, that totally depends on the sentence.


Mujhe/mujhko is oblique case, main is direct case.


3 of them are correct


I entered हूँ instead of है, why is it wrong?


I think of like it's saying 'lemon is not pleasing to me' (or with चाहिए it could be 'lemon is not desirable to/for me'. Then lemon is effectively the subject. So you wouldn't say 'lemon am not pleasing to me'. Same as in Spanish with 'me gusta' and 'me gustan' etc.. I'm not sure if that helps, or if it's quite the correct grammatical view to take, but I find it works for me so far in getting the right parts of verbs and cases etc.


हूँ is used with I am kind of sentences and है is used with I like, It is mine, his, her kind of sentences. I am happy. मैं खुश हूं। He is happy. वह खुश है। I like reading. मुझे पढ़ना पसंद है।


When you use मुझे or any other subject in the oblique, it can't take the verb. Instead the verb agrees with the object.


हूँ is wrong here because it does not make any sense. है is more suitable. In hindi the words you use should be suitable to the sentence. So here, "I do not like lemon" will be. "मुजे नीम्बु नहीं पसंद हैं।" "मुज नीम्बु नहि पसंद हूँ।" Is not apt. हूँ is used when u are referring your self. In the given sentence you are talking about your choice that u don't like lemon. The main focus is on choice. Example of हूँ : "मैं भारत से हूँ।" (It means - I am from India) here the usage of हूँ is apt.


I knew the answer, but my fingers touched unknowingly. Is there any way to redo it

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