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Hi everyone!

I've just found on the Goethe Institut website some free games to practice German. They are on two levels one is for Niveau A1-A2 and the second one for B1. I'm playing the easier one and I think it is easy to understand. (I have done two thirds of my tree here on Duolingo.) They're available for Android, iOS and computer as well.

Here is the link:

So feel free to check it out and comment. :-)

May 8, 2014


Looks great! :) There's also a free game called "Destination Death" on the BBC website (for learners of German, French and Spanish). It has something to do with saving the world from a vampire invasion :). It doesn't say anything about the level, but I think it's around A2 as well. The game is aimed at GCSE students from the UK.

May 8, 2014

Haben Sie drei Lingöte!

That's a creative plural! We should adopt it. ;)

Das ist aber nett! Vielen Dank! :)

I tried the first level in French. I initally put my skill level as great, but it was way too fast. Although I could get the gist of most of the speech bubbles, I needed Google translate's assistance. Especially when it came to the Airport jargon. I am probably around 2/3rds through the Duo tree. This game made me realise I am maybe not as good as I thought I was.

But the mystery storyline is really cool. I would like to find other games such as this one. It is a great test of my reading ability to read these long speech bubbles in quick succession. Thanks for the link! gonna try the other levels too!

There's apparently also a new (commercial) online adventure game called "Immersia", which teaches French and Hebrew from English. From what I understand, the basic functions are free of charge. I haven't tried it, though, so I can't say anything about safety, hidden costs, etc. See also this review:

Could anyone get past the third chapter??? (German)

When I enter the police room the game gets stuck, no possible action, can't get out. Hausmeister gets mute with the walkie-talk. Sounds like a bug.

Edit: Well....I've reported them the bug. Hope they fix it some day.....
I've tried to turn on the "translator" before entering the room. There's a difference, at least an English message appears on the screen, but the game freezes as well.

I've only tried French so far and getting to chapter 4 was no problem (chapter three ends with arming the passengers with wooden stakes).

Yep......I created three stakes. And looks like it wasn't enough. But I cannot enter the police room (that with the batons inside a locker).

Is is necessary to go in there to complete this chapter? If so, I'll probably never reach the next level. (Maybe if I try with a "very good" instead of just "good"?)

Yes, I think you had to take a wooden truncheon from the police office, but I'm not sure if I remember correctly.

Babadum has simple but fun vocab games. It's available in other languages as well.

Thanks for sharing these games, I'm really enjoying them! What I really enjoy is that they provide a way to practise listening and reading at the same time. There are also frequent opportunities to repeat what has been said in the game over and over again.

I'm ok at listening to the duolingo robot voice, but terrible with listening to actual German speech! Hopefully this will help to change things.

It's not a game, but it's a YouTube channel. I'm the same when it comes to the Duolingo robot voice, so it's nice to have a channel like this to compliment it. The channel is called Deutsch für Euch, maybe you've seen it before.

I LOVE that channel! She's the reason I finally understood articles!

Have you watched any Get Germanized videos? He's very entertaining, and his focus is a bit more on vocabulary and culture than it is on grammar like DFE is

DFE does have some culture-related videos, but yeah it is more based around the grammar (her videos on music and films a perfect example). I've not yet watched Get Germanized but I probably will do later. I think it really helps to hear/see some enthusiasm when learning a new language from scratch.

I've seen a few Deutsch für Euch episodes before, they're really good and I think she has the right balance between 'educational' and 'fun'. They are crammed full of information, but she presents in an interesting way, often breaking up the explanations with quirky tangents.

Get Germanized is definitely more entertaining, with a lot more silly videos! That guy has buckets of energy, and its fun to watch him do his thing.

Both of these youtube channels are good and they both have their own style and personality. It's great because as a learner of German, you get more exposure to different voices and different approaches to teaching.

I watched Get Germanized earlier and loved it. His enthusiasm is infectious. I think both DFE and GG compliment each other well and they're now my go to channels when Duolingo gives me a migraine. :-)

Duolingo is a free German-Learning game!

Sure it is. These games just have a little better storyline. :-) But to your point - recently a friend of mine was complaining that she had missed her bus stop on her way home because she had been so focused on playing Duolingo. Isn't it great to call studying "playing"? :-)

Hehehe. I wonder what the story line for Duolingo would be?

Chapter 1: I am a woman. Boy eats bread. The dog is sweet. It plays with you. The train comes. :)

But yes, I enjoy Duolingo a lot, and definitely the immersion part!

Once you have a basic grasp of the language (ie atleast to the first checkpoint) You could play Runescape on a German server and set everything to German to immerse yourself so to speak. GUI goes German, chat goes German, EVERYTHING goes German. The reason I say this is a good too is because when you go to say, make bread, or attack a chicken. Rather than saying "Bake bread" or "Mine rocks" or "Smelt Iron"; it will instead give you the German equivalent. This plus the combination of simple phrases, and a lot of basic vocabulary(food, basic verbs; eat, drink, walk, sleep; and many others) all add up to make it a wonderful aid in the learning of this awesome language! I will say though, just jumping on with little knowledge of the German language CAN make it difficult to play, unless you know what you're doing already anyway... I had to play the tutorial in English :c

I downloaded an app on my phone called "Fun Easy Learn", it's relatively straight forward and has flashcard games, listen and type games etc. You match up your own subject ie. Sport, Tennis and Flashcards.

It's a nice little app, they have a website too with other languages. In terms of learning it's not as "intense" as, say, Duolingo, but I think it's a nice app to have if you're struggling to sleep at night or whatever. There's the website.

Here's an iOS appthat's not free (after the first freebie lesson, it costs $4.99 to unlock 49 additional lessons), but it's a collection of insanely addictive games for beginner vocabulary building, for several languages:

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