October 6, 2018



This is not a language related question, but how does one type an Okina? (On a laptop) Otherwise I will constantly be marked wrong.


would like to know this also


Windows: http://www.olelo.hawaii.edu/enehana/winkbd.php (caveat that I haven't used this one myself)

Mac: http://www.olelo.hawaii.edu/pub/mac_osx.pdf

Installing the whole keyboard will let you use the kahakō easily as well. I'm sure there are ways to install a couple of shortcuts without the whole keyboard but I find it simple enough to switch keyboards as necessary on OS X.

I also have the Hawaiian keyboard enabled on my phone but I can't remember how I did it. It might have been one of the methods here: http://niuolahiki.ahapunanaleo.org/mod/page/view.php?id=6745


If you are on iOS, just go to the Settings app under General->Keyboard->Keyboards->Add New Keyboard...->and scroll down to Hawaiian. When typing on your device, tap the globe icon on the bottom left corner of the keyboard next to the numbers button to switch languages

I'm sorry I am unfamiliar with Android operating systems.


How is this pronounced? (Iʻve been pronouncing it [ A-o-ley ] but it feels wrong.)


"A ole", how it was explained to me, you would make all the sounds that each letter makes, but blend them together (quickly and smoothly) anything with the kahako over the letter, hold the vowel sound out a little longer. Okinas have a brief pause


Ah - Oh - Lei (or Lay as in "lay down").

For reference XD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZYT5GnyMVQ


My answer was correct!!!


Where's the Okinawa on Google keyboard


There is a language with macrons(ā) and (š) kinda letters if you ever need them. Its called Latvian. Just a piece of information becuase in hawaiian theres macrons to.


Where's the 'okina on a google keyboard?


On the bottom of my Samsung keyboard, just to the right of the "space bar", there is a key with a period mark (.) on it. If you hold that button down, 10 or so common punctuation marks appear, one of which is the single apostrophe mark ('). This is a functionall 'okina for the DuoLingo program.


Does anyone know why there are the apostrophes there?


That's the ʻokina. It's part of the Hawaiian alphabet. It indicates a glottal stop.


The word was spelled correctly, the okina and kahako placements are still a work in progress...i do understand these weigh heavily on the intended meaning.

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