"Talk Kawika."

Translation:E ʻōlelo e Kawika.

October 6, 2018



Just a small explanation AFAIK:

Kawika is the Hawaiian equivalent to the English name David.


This sign is called an Okina.

Any additional information will be appreciated.

October 6, 2018


I thought it'd be nice to share why Kawika is the Hawaiian equivalent of David.

First of all, d does not exist in Hawaiian, so any loanwords with this letter follow the same process as words with 't'.... they turn into K!

So there you get Kawik. But then, no syllables in Hawaiian are complete without a vowel so... Kawika!

October 7, 2018


Oh, and by the way, the sign is properly called ʻOkina, with that glottal stop at the beginning!

October 7, 2018

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