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  5. "The boys hear a bird."

"The boys hear a bird."

Translation:Taobi hontī rȳbis.

October 6, 2018



I'm not sure, but I could have seen Hontī used both for singular accusative and plural accusative. Isn't there a distinction as with azanti (s. acc.) and azantī (pl. acc.) ?


'hontes' is a fourth declension noun, so both the singular and plural accusative forms are indeed 'hontī', while 'azantys' is a second declension noun, so the singular and plural forms are different. DJP recently put up a really good video explaining this in much more detail than I've seen elsewhere: https://youtu.be/8vARzbGWV5E?t=390


Thanks, I'd wish there were more grammar explainations about this (even in app)

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