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Glitch on Hawaiian course

On the 'Household' skill, I have completed two lessons. I try to get onto the third lesson and I get kicked out! I know the course has only been available for a day and it is quite recent, so I accept the confusions and errors, but do you have a solution?

Solution found: Test-out of the skill.

October 6, 2018



I have the same issue. It feels like the Hawaiian course got released way too early - it's too short, doesn't teach much and glitches a lot. I can't even count how many times I had to redo a lesson, because it got stuck "checking"... Duo team, please fix this course!

[deactivated user]

    While I haven’t seen Duolingo clarify what has happened, it does appear that both the Hawaiian and Navajo courses got sent into beta before they were ready. Please keep that in mind as you comment on the content of these courses, as this would mean the respective teams were not allowed time to complete the courses before we got to fiddle around with them. That’s like a teacher getting to see your first drafts of an essay before you turn in your final draft for grading. I am sure the teams are very aware that things are not complete.


    Thanks for the work-around. I had the exact same problem

    [deactivated user]

      I ran into this too. I assumed it was a problem with the lessons of the unit not being complete.


      I have an issue with it only gave me the pronounciation on the word ALOHA


      Can someone help me. I’m stuck on the word “cloudy” on level 2 (5/6) of the weather skill in the hawaiian Duolingo. It does not accept the correct answer and will not advance me to the next lesson.

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