Unofficial Hawaiian Words and Sentence Tab Substitute (Lesson 1 - Intro)

Hello everyone,

Here is an Unofficial Hawaiian Words (and sentence) tab substitute as there ain't one currently.

Important Info

  • I will be dealing with the first lesson in the Hawaiian course called Intro.
  • The Hawaiian course is currently in Beta.
  • The normal Duolingo Words tab only has words, but I will also have sentences.
  • If I missed a sentence or word, please notify me in the comments.


Mahalo e Kawina - (Thank you Kawina (David))
E lei - (Wear a garland/Give a lei)
E ʻōlelo e Kawika - (Talk David)
ʻAe, mahalo - (Yes, thank you)
ʻAʻole, mahalo - (No thanks)
E hele - (Go)
Mahalo, e ʻai - (Thank you, eat)
E ʻai - (Eat)
E hele, e Kaʻiulani - (Go Kaʻiulani)
ʻAe, e lei - (Yes, wear a lei)


Mahalo - (Thank you)
ʻAʻole - (No)
ʻAe - (Yes)
Aloha - (Hello/Greeting)
Honolulu - (Honolulu)
Hele - (Go)
Lei - (Garland)
ʻAi - (Food)
ʻŌlelo - (Speak/Talk)

Thank you! AP4418

Lesson: Determiner

October 6, 2018


Mahalo for this!

October 6, 2018

You're welcome! Should I make more of these?

October 7, 2018


October 7, 2018

Yay! I will! Here you are.

October 7, 2018

'Ae, mahalo!

October 8, 2018
October 11, 2018

Yes, please.

October 11, 2018
October 11, 2018

Aloha, Dessert-Rose!

October 8, 2018

Aloha, Ignatius!

October 15, 2018

Mahalo! This is quite helpful. Also, I would like to note a few things:

1: I get that “e” is used as the imperative marker, but do you have to put “e” as an object marker each time? I don’t think so, but I may be wrong.

2: I always had the impression that “ʻAina” means “food”; and “ʻAi” means “to eat”, because I know that “ʻAina kakahiaka” means “Breakfast” (Literally: Morning food). Does this mean ʻaina and ʻai mean the same thing? I doubt it, but I’m eager to find out.

That’s all I’d like to note. Again, thanks for the guide, pal.

October 10, 2018

Hawaiian does not have clearly defined nouns and verbs like Western languages. ʻAi when used as a verb means to eat, but it can also be used as a noun to mean food. By the way, this is also occasionally so in English. For example, you can feed cows some animal feed. "Feed" is used as both a noun and a verb in this sentence. I am not an expert in Hawaiian, but my impression is that ʻAi means "food" (esp. vegetables), while ʻAina means "meal". So similar, but not the same meaning.

October 15, 2018


October 6, 2018

It's a pleasure!

October 7, 2018

Mahalo, Rose

October 9, 2018


October 10, 2018
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