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  5. "Why are you looking at them?"

"Why are you looking at them?"

Translation:Proč se na ně díváš?

October 6, 2018



Can someone please explain the order preference here. I know that se needs to be second position, but beyond that which takes preference and why? I put Proc se ne na divas, and it was marked wrong.


A preposition must be in front of the word it binds to, it is PREposition after all. "at them" - "na ně", never "ně na" (them at).

See also https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920 for he order of clitics.


I have also really appreciated the clarity and organization of this Czech course!

I entered, "Proč se díváš na ně?" Why is that incorrect? Thank you.


Your sentence is exactly what I wrote, and it was accepted. Also, I completely agree about the quality of this Czech course. Both the Duolingo format, and the commenting by the Moderators, has me feeling like I actually have a chance to learn this language. I would love to sit down with them and buy them all a PIVO!!!


This Czech laguage program is very clear and concise and to my view better than other Duolingo languages done here.


Can someone explain why "Proč díváš se na ně?" is wrong?


The second position rule for se.

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