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  5. "E kala mai!"

"E kala mai!"

Translation:Pardon me!

October 6, 2018



Other acceptable translations should include: Excuse me! and (I'm) Sorry.


Added, thank you! Don't hesitate to report missing translations using the report button in the course itself.


I just reset my progress after having finished the tree with crown level 5 on all skills so I can re-test everything. "Iʻm sorry" was marked as incorrect again.

Iʻll keep looking for other issues.


I just tried "sorry" and it was marked correct. Maybe theyve now added it or i just got lucky :D


Oh, Iʻve just figured out that you must be the Kawika mentioned in the course! :-)


Old Hawaiian we didn't just say excuse. That's a modern term. It should be e kala mai ʻia u. Taking ownership of the sentence no?


The word mai implies the me part since it is towards the speaker. To add ia'u would be for emphasis or clarity.


When are you going to include more vocabulary? In the other languages going up levels includes more vocabulary. In this version it spreads that there is no need to continue up levels because it's just repeating the same 4 words or phrases over and over again. It's becoming boring, and that's not good!


I actually wouldnt want higher levels to include different words. I wanna have some time between doing the different levels so i dont just remember everything cuz i did the same stuff the day before. But once im at level 2 or 3 i usually proceed to the next skill. But if id need words for that which were only introduced in level 4 or 5 that would only lead to confusion and frustration on my side :D


Mai is pronounced (mah ee) not (may) The letter i has the hard e sound..


Forgive me (no pun intended) if I'm wrong, but is the direct translation literally: (3rd person marker) to forgive (1st person marker / speaker marker)?


e (imperative marker) kala (to forgive) mai (towards the speaker)


I tried to type l,"Forgive Me" and then i submitted my response. Then my phone lagged and it only typed Forgive. Lol


I just did the same thing! Ha!

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