"Pehea ke anilā o Hilo i kēia lā?"

Translation:How is Hilo's weather today?

October 6, 2018



I think an alternate translation of "How is the weather in Hilo today" should also be an option

October 10, 2018


o Hilo = of Hilo / Hilo's

i Hilo = in Hilo

I think they are trying to teach the difference between the two, and so it was not accepted as first. Just a guess, though.

November 22, 2018


I think so too. It was marked wrong

October 15, 2018


"How is the weather in Hilo today?" accepted 10/29/18

October 30, 2018


How's the Hilo weather today? wasn't accepted, but I would think it should work as well.

October 7, 2018


Pehea ke anilā o Hilo i kēia lā?:

  • Pehea - How
  • Ke anilā - The weather
  • O - Of / 'S
  • Hilo - Hilo
  • I kēia lā - Today (On this day)

So if you put this together you get: "How the weather Hilo's today?" - "How is Hilo's weather today?"

I hope that helps and makes sense :-)

February 13, 2019


Are alternate answers ever allowed?

November 8, 2018


"Pehea ke anilā o Hilo i kēia lā?"

"How is the weather of Hilo in this day?" =

How is Hiloʻs weather today?

December 11, 2018


"How is today's weather in Hilo?" should be accepted as well

November 18, 2018
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