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How to use duolingo

[deactivated user]


    Does someone have advice for me on how to make progress?

    Lessons lower in the tree get unlocked after reaching a crown level 1 of the lessons just above these.

    A. Now should I prioritise by going down to the bottom of the tree (by reaching just a crown level 1 first or ...

    B. Should I prioritise to stay with the lessons near the top; increase the crown level (e.g. to 3 or more) before progressing down the tree?

    After some weeks with Duolingo, I think that progressing down the tree first will broaden the grammar knowledge? While staying at the top might keep the sentences simple and focus on getting more vocabulary?

    What is your idea and experience? I'm learning just Indonesian now. Do you think your advice apply to other Duolingo language courses?


    October 6, 2018



    I think it depends on if you are a real beginner or not. If you are, perhaps is it better to focus on the first lessons to fix them in your memory. If you are not a total beginner, you will getting bored if you only work on first lessons. Then, try to use the key, and go down the units.

    I am also a total beginner in Indonesian, but not in some other languages I am learning, in fact revising.


    Well are you a beginner or not? I too am doing Indonesian with prior knowledge and some experience. I start off each lesson but when it becomes apparent that I have the concept and the vocab OK , I try to jump to level 5.


    Just like what others have said it depends on your knowledge of the language. I'm a Malaysian and Malay and Indonesian are the same language with minor vocabulary differences. I finished the course in 2 days. If you're a beginner, have no prior knowledge and this is your first Asian language you should do it slowly. There are many prefixes, sufixes and vocabulary to learn. The vocab is very different from European languages so you would need time to memorise.

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