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  5. "No hea kou makua kāne?"

"No hea kou makua kāne?"

Translation:Where is your father from?

October 6, 2018



Why does the world "makua kāne" have the space in the center, unlike the word "makuahine"?


I would also like to know the correct spelling of this word. Both options, with and without a space, are probably correct. I trust this source: wehewehe.org. A separate spelling is given here. But in the video lesson 'Ka Leo ʻŌiwi', Episode 2, 10:57, I found 'makuakāne', no space mark. However, I've seen an inaccuracy in those videos, like Poʻakahi and other days of the week without kahakō (vs. wehewehe). Altough I have doubts about it too because of 'Po'ahia'. Where is the Truth?


Hover hints list "Where is you dad from" instead of "your"; reported.


When do you use makua kāne vs makuakāne?


Just keep it spaced. Sometimes you'll so 'oia or 'o ia. A lot of words are compounds of words. Like 'wai'. It's everywhere because water is everywhere in Hawai'i.
You'd have to ask a Hawaiian language teacher about makuahine. My guess is it is a slang that happened because of the double wa sound in makua wahine.


I don't understand how this means "where is your father FROM" where is the word "from" and I always get this wrong because every time I read it, it literally says "where is your father"

[deactivated user]

    "No hea" is actually asking for a person's origin, not their location. Literally, the prompt is asking "Where is your father originally from." "Aia i hea" asks about a person's physical location.

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