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  5. "This is my room."

"This is my room."

Translation:यह मेरा कमरा है।

October 6, 2018



Isn't यह कमरा मेरा है a better translation?


Subtle difference. "यह कमरा मेरा है" is more "this room is mine". Just to illustrate the difference, when you are asked "Whose is this room/यह कमरा किसका है?", your reply would be "यह कमरा मेरा है". On the other hand, when you are giving a tour of your house and you get to your room, you would say "यह मेरा कमरा है".

Of course in spoken language, you can convey either meaning by placing emphasis on different words (in both Hindi and English).


Still don't get what is the difference between "is/us" and "yah/vah". Why in this sentence it has to be "yah"?


यह/ये is when the object is on its own (मेरा कमरा). इस/उस is the oblique form for when the object has some postpositions (मेरे कमरा की दरवाज़).

But I'm actually not sure when we use इस and when we use उस. A mother tongue speaker would have to shed light on that.


इस ='this' and उस='that' in the oblique case eg: 'I will stay in this room- मैं इस कमरे में रहूंगा' and 'There is a rat in that room-उस कमरे में चूहा है'.


As far as my knowledge goes; 'This room is mine' and 'This is my room' mean the same। I am eager to learn what is the difference ?


Whats the meaning of typo??

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