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  5. "František, you exist?"

"František, you exist?"

Translation:Františku, ty existuješ?

October 6, 2018



It should read, "František, do you exist?"


It does not have to. I would argue that that is closer to just "Františku, existuješ?".


It seems a very strange question that I cannot imagine ever using/needing. In use, is it equivalent to someone calling when searching for someone, "hello...??? Are you there...??"...? tia :) Or, is it just a bit of an odd phrase purely to learn..?


Don't memorize whole phrases. This phrase teaches you the verb "existovat", which is very useful - even though in real life, you won't use it exactly like shown here. This exercise also teaches you (or reinforces) that you can ask this way: "ty jsi doma?", "ty jedeš autem?", "ty spíš?" - which is a statement-like question where you're usually confirming something you know or suspect. - as opposed to asking a pure question, when you don't know, such as "existuješ?" "spíš?" "jsi doma?"...


Why not "Františku, existujete?"


That's also fine and accepted.

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