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  5. "Shimá łį́į́ʼ bee hólǫ́."

"Shimá łį́į́ʼ bee hólǫ́."

Translation:My mother has a horse.

October 6, 2018



Yáʼátʼééh! I am guessing if this sentence is using a kind of compound verb or not (perhaps "has had"?), since there are two Navajo words for the same verb "to have". I am just curious, but I think I will try to do a research about the sentence construction. In this moment, I am not using additional resources, and I practice only with the Duolingo exercises.

Ahéheeʼ, Navajo Team. :)


Bee hóló means "with-him/her it exists". This is present tense.


Thanks a lot! I think some exercises have the hints fixed, but not this one. I have reported that. This exercise needs to include bee hólǫ́ with the meaning in the sentence, but I think the system cannot change the hints for each word separately because bee is still used with the same meaning in other sentence with a different construction.

I am trying to include the Navajo vocabulary with some spellings fixed in this Tinycards deck:


Edit: I am still searching for more resources, but only to check spellings and pronunciations. For example, from NavajoWOTD.com or gomyson.com, but still I need to find some texts explaining more complex structures in Navajo. I really like to learn slowly, so I am grateful with this first stage of the course. Surely, the next stage will introduce more advanced grammar skills, I hope so. :)


Thanks so much for the tiny cards.


when can we expect sound?


It won't accept "mom". :(

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