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Finished the Hawaiian tree.

Aloha! Yesterday one of my friends told me that the Hawaiian tree was out. Honestly I couldn't believe it when I saw that it had only 9 skills. I thought it had to be some kind of glitch. Today when I entered Duolingo, I was sure it wouldn't be there anymore. To my surprise, my progress didn't disappear; it was still there. I still think this is a glitch since Duolingo hasn't announced anything concerning the Hawaiian tree. Also, I had to test out of some skills to finish the tree because some skills didn't want to load; that is why I am pretty sure that this is a glitch. What do you guys think?

P.S. The strangest thing is that I can't see the Hawaiian icon in my comments/discussions.

October 6, 2018



I think both Hawaiian and Navajo were predicted to be released on the eighth by the contributors so I don't think it is a glitch. Hopefully they intend to extend them as they go along otherwise it's pretty disappointing. I was looking forward to a resource that taught Hawaiian in depth rather than just basic phrases and was disappointed to see that Duolingo was only teaching language I could find by googling.


Yeah, I completed the Hawaiian course yesterday and I have yet to see the Hawaiian flag icon next to my name. I hate how short the tree is though


Probably because the course is still in beta, I'm sure they're still working on new skills!

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