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Brazilian learning french. :)

Hey everyone! Mon nom est Fernanda, and I'm a brazilian girl that speaks english and is trying to learn french.

It doesn't means my english is perfect, but its the only way to learn french in Duolingo (it didn't got the portuguese-french option).

I hope I can make new friends to share culture, have nice chats and help me to learn french and improve english.

Thanks and merci!

May 8, 2014



Good luck! If you have any questions for french, feel free to ask me as I speak it fluently ;)


Don't worry. DuoLingo's English isn't perfect either. Everyone here, human and machine, are all learning together. Just keep at it until the addiction fully sets in. Don't be a stranger. :)


yes i has not get the goodest english neither :(


neether has i but i am hope to learn better :)




yes wen u try verry hard it come easy. you shure shuld keep practissing.




fernandices, I'm also Brazilian and I found that learning French through English is actually very useful: while I learn a language, I improve another one. Duolingo already expanded my English vocabulary a bit. :)


Hi Obitow! Thanks for share this! I can't wait to be able to talk and read articles and books in French. And, of course, watch all the wonderful french movies without subtitles =)


Bienvenue a Duolingo! Good luck on your french learning. There is a French course for Spanish speakers if you know the spanish language. Duo is the best way to learn in my opinion.


Thanks, Rajuncanjun! I confess my spanish isn't good so I guess I cant learn French from Spanish. Most of people keep the idea that brazilians speak spanish a little bit at least, but its not actually true :D


I confess I am one of those people. I thought the two languages were really close and if you know one you can get by in the other. I guess I'm wrong on that :-). I don't know much about either language yet but I hope to learn both eventually.

I am fairly decent in french, I took several years in school and I'm about 2/3 of the way complete with the tree, so if you need help with anything you can post on my stream. Just click on my picture and it will take you there. I also highly recommend following Sitesurf. She is a native french speaker and is extremely helpful with the nuances of the language. Bonne chance avec votre francaise!


It is normal to think like that, but Portuguese and Spanish are pretty different. Once an English teacher at NESE (Boston) asked me to correct an essay of hers, in portuguese. It had a lot of Spanish words. :)

I agree that Duo is great and I'm using it to learn Spanish (from English) and to reinforce my French course (also from English). But I still think that a course with a teacher helping is always the best option.


If you have a personal teacher, I would agree with it. But a course with many students is not always better than learn by yourself with duolingo. You have to listen to fellow-students pronouncing words wrong and make mistakes. Of course there is teacher to correct them, but you would have many wrong role models.


The discernment is not as easy as you think. ;-) And I did not say the local course is always worse than duolingo, but it is not always better. And it is also a individual matter. Some people learn easier with a teacher, some better by their own. So if you local course is helpful for you, be glad about it :-)


You must have discernment to use the good models and not the wrong ones. My Spanish is 100% Duolingo and my French is 50% Duolingo. My French is pretty better. I am not criticizing Duo, I mean, I love it. It helps me a lot. But a person teaching you the rules with the feeling that you are urderstanding or not the material is really helpful. And also, completing the tree does not mean you are good at it. I jumped all the English tree with one test and I don't thing my English is fluent.

Ps: My French course is like a community course and it is only US$ 30/month, but the classes are not full (mine has 7 students) and all the teachers have at least a college degree.


I am studying spanish for over a year now and I've been learning portuguese over here through spanish instead of through english. It is much simpler for me :D


I am an American and learning French, it's better way to learn French from English.


Glad to hear that you're having fun! I'm new too, nice to see others on here trying to learn french


Bonne chance.

E se travar em alguma atividade por causa da dificuldade com o inglês, não desanime, isso é totalmente normal. Meu inglês é quase fluente e ainda dou umas travadas aqui em uma atividade ou outra! Sem contar que o francês não é o idioma mais fácil do mundo de aprender (mas ainda é mais fácil que o inglês).


Salut et merci!

No começo parece complicado, mas espero ir desenrolando aos poucos com ajuda de filmes, livros, músicas. Material nessa internet é o que não falta! :)


Same situation here. Good luck!


oi Fernanda meu nome é Jose. I am Filipino and I can help you with English if you want pero mi Portugues é mau. Espero que você tenha um bom dia. Tchau : )



Boa sorte com o português. Se precisar de dicas, pode falar!

Bonne nuit.


really that amazing


i'm brazilian too, and i also learn french from english, after ending the english tree from portuguese. welcome !


Have you tried listening to music in French with words on the screen? It has helped me quickly pick up phrases and spelling.

Here is an example:

C'Est L'Air Que Je Respire (This Is The Air I Breathe - FR) https://youtu.be/vRwbbeeYU9o

Hope it helps you too. :)


Thank you very much, this song is wonderful. I didn't know about the French Version of this song. May God bless you. Que Deus lhe abençoe.




I find French pronunciation bit tough :(

Anyway, Good luck and enjoy the learning process !


me too! my English is not perfect but i learn French from English!!


Good luck Fernanda. I've been speaking/reading/writing English my whole life, so I can definitely help you out if you ever need it. I'm also currently learning French, so that's something else we could talk about.


They don't have a French course for Portuguese speakers, but that doesn't mean it will always be that way. Someone will probably create it, and if your French is good enough, you could. :)


don;t worry about it many native english speakers make many mistakes in their own language and don't get me started between the british and american spellings

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