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body parts

according to daybreak warrior on youtube, body parts in Navajo all start with H:

Body Hats'íís or Hatah Head Hatsiists'iin Face Hanii' (vs. haníí' [waist]) Neck Hak'os Throat Hadáyi' Shoulders Hawos Arm Hagaan Elbow Hach'oozhlaa' Wrists Halátsíín Hands Hala' Chest Hajéíts'iin or Hayid Stomach Habid Trunk Hazhi' Back Hwííshgháán Buttocks Hatł'aa' Legs Hajáád Knee Hagod Ankles Hakétsíín Feet Hakee' Skin Hakágí Muscles Hadoh Bones Hats'in Hair Hatsii'.

but on this course there is no H?

what am i to understand by this? is H a prefix?

October 6, 2018



Aoo’ H is a prefix meaning "his, her, their."


thanks, that makes sense. is there any historical reason/spiritual meaning behind why all the body parts start with the same vowel sound?


Interesting. A lot of nouns usually start with "a" which is a prefix meaning "somebody's, something's." Traditional medicine men believe sickness is caused by being out of balance and harmony. They probably made words with the same vowel sounds because they want everything to be connected.

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