October 6, 2018

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kāua means we (when there are two of us), kākou means we (when there are three or more)


the multiple choice options include both Kakou and Kaua, which both mean "we" in different contexts from my understanding


And it will probably accept either as a possible answer.


As of 12th Oct 2018, it was still marking "kākou" wrong. (I reported it.)


This one marks kākou as incorrect and the other such sentence marks kāua as wrong. (13/10/18)


maybe the we selection should include either (exclusive) or (inclusive) in brackets.


Except that both of these are "inclusive". We haven't learned the "exclusive" versions yet.


Would the correct categories be more like "we both", "we all" and "we but not you"? (Or is "we all" too broad? Can kākou also mean a group of more than two but not necesarily everyone?)


I was thinking 1) we, you and I, 2) we all, 3) we, me and this guy, and 4) all of us (but not you). What a perfect language for mean girls.


I think this would help a TON. I've been so confused without those there and I think it would help for a better understanding. I could feel myself getting super frustrated while doing it. I think it would help a ton. This is a FANTASTIC idea!


Question on mobile apps. I am doing both 'olelo hawaii and spanish on my phone now and do not see an option to click on the language specific characters. Kahako and okina for Hawaiian language for example.

Are the language specific char available on mobile apps? If so, how do I enable them for use?

Thank you


If you hold your finger on the letter on your virtual keyboard, a small window should pop up with variations for the letters like accents and macrons. Duolingo accepts a regular apostrophe for the 'okina, but if you want the real thing, you can also hold down the apostophe and you should get an option for the rotated version that looks like a tiny 6.


I reported this. If the only word given is "we" it should accept "we both" and "we all". If it's going to mark kākou wrong (which it did for me), it should indicate that it's looking for the "we [you and I]" translation.

This language is still listed as being in beta and I think little glitches like this are just showing that they haven't had time to catch everything yet.


Unable to enter with kahako & okino


If you're on a physical keyboard look below the entry box for special characters you can click on. If you're on a virtual keyboard (like on your phone or tablet), then hold your finger on the vowel to get some options and hold your finger on the apostrophe to get some other options.


I thought kaua was the outcast class. What a difference the line over the a can make.


They are both correct, kākou and kāua.

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