"Ele apresenta o rei para a comunidade."

Translation:He introduces the king to the community.

April 1, 2013

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Hey so when they use the preposition para, it means to a lot? Is that a rule that para means both to and for?


Yep. Para means either for or to. But "for" and "to" can be translated in other ways too. "I have worked here for two years" - "tenho trabalhado aqui HÁ dois anos", "we'll eat pasta for dinner" - "vamos comer massa no jantar". "Thanks for your help" - "obrigado por sua ajuda"; "for the next months" -" pelos próximos meses..." but, as a rule, think para as for and to.


Is it just me or does anyone else find the man's diction very hard to hear properly? Especially with odd sentences with no context to use to try and understand. The lady's voice is much clearer.


Why is 'he presents the king to....' marked wrong?


Why is 'he presented the king' wrong


The Portuguese sentence is present tense.

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