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Hawaiian Central Discord Server!

Over the past couple of days, Patrick.-, krpw1204, and I have been working on a Hawaiian Discord server!

I've had an interest in Hawaiian for a few months now, but with the release of the Duolingo Hawaiian course, it has spurred me to actually start learning. Hawaiian is a truly rich and intriguing language, and that's why I made this Discord server, with a plethora of text and voice channels so you can practice your skills with other learners, get help from others, find other Hawaiian resources, and more.

I hope you join! :)


October 6, 2018



Thanks, Stuart!


Nice. Do you have any fluent speakers yet? I've completed courses on a couple of other sites but I'm ready to take it to the next level


Unfortunately, no fluent speakers yet... but we do have an Advanced learner.

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